Copy of Healing the Spiritual Wounds of CSA - May 19

Healing the Spiritual Wounds of Childhood Sexual Abuse

An afternoon workshop with Linda Crockett

Saturday, May 19th at 2pm

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For many survivors that grew up in families and communities in which Christianity was a religious norm and cultural imperative, healing from sexual trauma in childhood includes unearthing and attending to deep spiritual wounds.  Toxic theology wrapped up in grace and forgiveness, combined with the silencing of survivor’s laments, leads some to conclude that there is no God or any divine source of goodness. Even for those whose abusers did not adhere to any religion, childhood abuse can leave a deep spiritual wound often neglected in contemporary healing methods focused on cognitive and behavioral issues.

In this workshop, Linda Crockett, director of Samaritan Safe Church, talks about the spiritual wounds suffered by many survivors, and how healing becomes possible by naming and attending to those wounds.  Using examples from her work with survivors raised in various Christian traditions, Linda describes how Safe Church uses interactive dialogue with sacred texts, experiential art, collective lament and other practices to challenge traditional beliefs about forgiveness, crucifixion and resurrection, and Biblical ‘heroes’.