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About Hidden Water

Hidden Water was founded by Cat Greenstreet and Elizabeth Clemants in 2013.  As a shaman and mediator, Elizabeth had seen hundreds of people come through her office with conflict, pain and stress due to circumstances that arose out of child sexual abuse when they were younger, and on-going pain with their families.  The same story emerged over and over again, client after client.  In speaking with Elizabeth, Cat thought the answer might lie in the Restorative Justice movement, specifically Peacemaking Circle work.    


Cat Greenstreet, M.A., M.Ed.:

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 Cat has been facilitating Courage & Renewal® retreats, using the Circle of Trust® approach, for teachers, clergy, healthcare professionals and others since 2005.  She was an educator for 30 years and devoted the last 20 of those to Waldorf education. She served as a class teacher and high school English and drama teacher at the Austin Waldorf School, as a teacher educator at Sunbridge College (now Sunbridge Institute), and, most recently, as the Lower School Chair at the Rudolf Steiner School in Manhattan.  She previously taught English in colleges throughout the New York metropolitan area and worked in business as a technical writer.  She studied mediation at the New York Peace Institute and with Elizabeth Clemants, circle keeping with restorative justice pioneer Kay Pranis, and community conferencing with Lauren Abramson, founder of Community Conferencing Center of Baltimore. She is currently working as a facilitator of circles, most often using the Circle of Trust approach.  

Elizabeth Clemants:


Elizabeth is a social worker at heart.  She has always been interested in the intersection of social work and the law.  To that end, after receiving her undergrad in social work, and spending almost three years in the Peace Corps in Costa Rica, she attend Columbia University School of Social Work where she graduated with an MSW and a Minor in Law.  She immediately went to work in the field of alternative dispute resolution and has been practicing since 1997.  She has founded three programs in conflict resolution, of which Hidden Water is one, where she currently serves as Board President.  She also founded the Small Business Arbitration Center ( with the aim of offering truly affordable, binding conflict resolution services to small businesses and their clients.  Elizabeth is also the founder and one of the principal trainers at Planning Change (, whose mission it is to educate and empower individuals to affect meaningful change in the conflicts around them.  In addition to these programs, Elizabeth works as a mediator, a coach, a shaman and speaks regularly at events and conferences (        


Board Members:

Elizabeth Clemants:  Board President

Michelle Gutierrez: Treasurer

Glen Parker: Secretary